Hashtags: Everything You Need To Know - Part 2

Hashtags are used across many social media platforms, but they function differently and follow different trends on different websites.

Hashtags for Social Media

Hashtags are used across many social media platforms, but they function differently and follow different trends on different websites. Regardless of your favorite form of social media, hashtags are a popular and useful tool. Learn how to master the hashtag on each unique platform.

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter, the original home of the hashtag, is still one of the best-known sites for hashtags. Twitter hashtags are generally used to create conversation threads, since Twitter is largely word-based over pictures. Tweets with only one hashtag have the best rates of engagement, with a large drop off in engagement on tweets using more than two hashtags. Many hashtags used on Twitter are also meant to be funny or sarcastic rather than to start a conversation. Learn how to use Twitter hashtags by clicking here.

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags essentially create folders with all the posts and pictures that use that hashtag. These are largely used to discover new content and follow accounts in line with your own interests. Studies have shown that the magic hashtag number on Instagram is around 9, with optimal engagement and visibility on posts with 9 relevant, well-chosen hashtags. Instagram also allows users to follow hashtags now like they would friends or accounts, curating a feed of posts using that hashtag for followers. Learn the best practices for hashtagging by following our guide to Instagram hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags

Facebook, much like Twitter and Instagram, uses hashtags to group posts containing that hashtag. Hashtags are not as popular on Facebook as they are on other social media platforms, since most Facebook profiles are private and therefore their hashtags would not be exposed on a public hashtag page. Brands and influencers still use Facebook hashtags regularly, however, and social media gurus suggest using only one or two hashtags on this platform. Learn more about Facebook hashtags.

LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn hashtags are growing in popularity and uses. Hashtags can be added to posts much like on other social media platforms to create a page with all posts containing that hashtag. LinkedIn users can follow hashtags related to their careers to see those topics on their feed, like #leadership, #marketing, or #sourcing. Hashtags can help expand your network on LinkedIn and lead to real life opportunities. Grow your professional network and learn more about how to use LinkedIn hashtags.

Tumblr Hashtags

When creating a post on Tumblr, there is a “Tags” section where you can enter tags on your post. Even if you don’t type the hashtag symbol, Tumblr will add it to the beginning of your tag to group your post with similar content. Hashtags in the body of the post will not work, and no link will be created, so be sure to put your hashtags in the “Tags” section. Tumblr hashtags can help bring more attention to your posts and blog, or help you find similar accounts and content to share.

Pinterest Hashtags

Pinterest hashtags also group content by topic. Users can add hashtags to their pins or search to find posts related to the topic of that hashtag. Hashtags are only clickable when they are included in the pin description, and you cannot search by hashtag on Pinterest, only by keyword, but the keyword search will bring up results using that hashtag and similar variations.

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