Hashtags: Everything You Need To Know - Part 3

Some hashtags are more popular than others, and some industries capitalize on hashtags better than others.

Some hashtags are more popular than others, and some industries capitalize on hashtags better than others. There are some industries, like fitness, photography, or food, that dominate social media in terms of popularity and total content. Popularity leads to greater traffic, more hashtags, and more opportunities to get your posts noticed by careful use of those hashtags. Bloggers and everyday social media users can use these hashtags to increase exposure on their posts in these trending industries online.

Fitness Hashtags

Health and fitness related content has become a hugely popular genre on social media, from meal prep plans and workout videos to before and after photos. Fitness gurus and bloggers generate engagement on their posts by using fitness hashtags. To learn more about how to use fitness hashtags, click here.

Wedding Hashtags

Whether you’re creating a punny, hopefully not cringe-worthy, wedding hashtag of your own or sharing your wedding inspiration online via popular hashtags, wedding hashtags are everywhere. Not sure how to use wedding hashtags? SocialBuddy has your guide to the wedding hashtag.

Photography Hashtags

Pictures make up a huge amount of online content, so it’s no surprise that photography hashtags are widely used and hugely popular. To learn about popular photography hashtags and how to get your pictures noticed on social media, check out our top photography hashtags.

Food Hashtags

From self-proclaimed foodies to food bloggers, everyone loves a good meal. Food-related posts are prominent across social media platforms, and food hashtags make it easy to share posts, find similar content, and discover new restaurants in your area. Learn all about food hashtags by clicking here.

Travel Hashtags

What better way to find inspiration for your next vacation than through social media? Travel hashtags are a great way to find new places, research other travelers’ experiences, and share your own globetrotting. Whether you’re an experienced travel blogger or just looking for your next destination, this guide to travel hashtags is for you.

Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

Beauty bloggers and makeup gurus have take over the internet, from makeup tutorials to skincare bloggers and everything in between. To learn how to promote your beauty accounts or to find the best social media hashtags for makeup inspiration, click here.

Real Estate Hashtags

Looking for a new home? Real estate companies have taken to social media to promote their listings, helping real estate agents find tenants and allowing others to research and find their dream home. Check out this guide to best use real estate hashtags.

Fashion Hashtags

Did you even wear your #OOTD if you didn’t post it? Fashion is a trending topic across social media, with Instagram models providing outfit inspiration and bloggers documenting the latest fashion trends. Fashionistas everywhere can benefit from learning how to use the best fashion hashtags.

Music Hashtags

Up and coming musicians can use social media to promote their music and reach a larger audience of fans. To promote your music, try using these music hashtags.

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