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Learn about the best Twitter bots in 2018.

Let’s look into the ever changing platform Twitter, and why it’s still an important platform to be active on, and the trusted growth services available on the market to help you grow a real twitter following. Many users head down the route of buying fake twitter followers or likes, however this will have no meaningful impact on your profile. We recommend using a trusted growth service that will help you get real twitter followers and re-tweets.

Twitter automation can really help save influencer’s & businesses time in automating their growth to attract more followers to increase their exposure. That is why when it’s available, use it! So you can focus on better things like creating high quality content.

I always like to find ways to improve ways to simplify tasks, Twitter automation is a perfect example of automating a growth method you could normally do manually, and have it running 24-7, even while you sleep!

Below is the top 5 growth services that will help you get Real Twitter Followers, trusted providers reviewed and verified by TweetReview

1). Twesocial – Real Targeted Twitter Followers.

Twesocial is a powerful Twitter growth service, which helps you automate engagements using AI technology. When signing up, you will be greeted by a growth manager who will closely look after your Twitter account, helping you setup your account. You will be able to target your own desired target audience to drive relevant followers back to your profile. This is the most powerful growth tool on the market, don’t buy bot followers, when you can grow with genuine targeted twitter followers.

2). Social10X – Twitter Retweets and Followers.

This provider offers a range of services for Twitter that focused on different things like, twitter followers, twitter retweets. With different price ranges you will find a growth package suited best for you. Depending on how fast you want to grow your Twitter profile. This service is a trusted service endorsed by tweetreview.

3). SproutSocial – Powerful Twitter Tools for Business.

You can easily manage multiple Twitter accounts from your Sproutsocial dashboard. This is a great tool to easily share content with your audience, build stronger relationships on twitter & analyze the best performing uploads you schedule using Sproutsocial. With their advanced metrics you can easily see what is working best for your audience.

It’s great for businesses, because you can easily collaborate with other members, this is a great twitter tool for your team, to easily collaborate and manage a single or multiple accounts, with input from others. You can easily monitor and manage all engagement, even messages from twitter. This is a powerful suite for your Twitter which will help you grow your account to another level.

4). Hootsuite – A simpler way to boost your impact on Twitter.

Hootsuite is very similar to Sproutsocial however hoostsuite offer a few alternatives. They offer a new technology that helps you engage with videos on Twitter. Allowing you to easily save time, by scheduling your posts to Twitter, automatically. You can easily manage engagements on your dashboard, reply to them too! You can filter audiences to pick a business goal, improve performance and focus on followers with targeted statistics. The best thing yet, is that you can use hootsuite on mobile, anywhere anytime.

5). Klout – Klout is a helpful analytic tool to help you measure your growth on Twitter.

This tool is slightly different to all of the above, Klout is a powerful analytic tool, helping you measure the performance of your content. With the analytic statistic you gain, you can make smarter choices and show your audience on twitter better more relevant uploads, stuff that they are interested in. This is very important so you aren’t feeding your Twitter followers with boring uploads, potentially causing an unfollow. Remember to still be yourself, and not let this change who you are!

As always I recommend that you use a trusted service, as there are many dodgy tools available to market. I’ve taken the time to test all of the above providers, and many others at that I might add! These are my top 5 picks to really grow your Twitter following to the next level! You can also view others providers on Tweetreview they dedicate their time to testing all available services to help you grow your Twitter.

Twesocial was my top pick, as their growth service has driven the most amount of followers to my profile, and it was very easy, they do it all for you! You can simply focus on uploading awesome content. If you are struggling on what hashtags to use on Twitter, you can visit our main site HashtagsBucket.

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